Hawaii is the only state within the USA producing coffee, and we are proud of the 100% Hawaiian grown, arabica coffees from each of five major islands.

By the 1930’s there were more than 1,000 farms and as late as the 1950’s there where 6,000 acres of coffee in Kona. At the turn of the last century there was coffee on all the major Hawaii islands, and now 100 years later, there is once again coffee on all the major islands. There are 6,500 acres in coffee statewide and annual production is 6 to 7 million pounds green bean.

The health of the industry depends upon open dialog among all interest groups – government, associations, corporations, farmers, and concerned citizens throughout the state. HawaiianCoffee.org’s mission is to be a forum for all who care about protecting one of Hawaii’s major crops.

Please send your comments to: Editors@HawaiianCoffee.org

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Hawaiian Coffee Associations:

National »
Specialty Coffee Association of America »

What is the SCAA? The SCAA is the trade association for the specialty coffee industry, one of the fastest-growing food industries in the world. Specialty coffee — sometimes called "gourmet" or "premium" coffee — is grown in the world's most ideal coffee-producing climates and prepared according to exacting standards. One of the SCAA's primary functions is to set the industry's standards for growing, roasting and brewing. Members of the SCAA include coffee retailers, roasters, producers, exporters and importers, as well as manufacturers of coffee equipment and related products.

State of Hawaii »
Hawaii Coffee Association »

Hawaii Coffee Association represents all members of the Hawaii Coffee Industry. The HCA’s focus is promoting Hawaii as a coffee origin, increasing Hawaii Coffee consumption within the State, and promoting coffee export from the State.

[More about the Hawaii Coffee Association….]

County of Hawaii »
Kona Coffee Farmers Association »

We are the new voice of the Kona Coffee Farmer and will carry your issues to the Legislature and support you in your farming activities. Our mission is to promote and protect Kona farmers’ economic interests in 100% Kona coffee, to protect the Kona coffee heritage, and to seek greater legal protection of the Kona coffee name. [More about the Kona Coffee Farmers Association….]

[The Kona Coffee Farmers Association Newsletter]

Kona Coffee Council »

The Kona Coffee Council is an organization of Hawai'i farmers who grow, process and sell the World's Best coffee! Kona Coffee is grown only in the Kona district on the west side of Hawai'i Island (the Big Island), where it has developed over 175 years. These heritage trees thrive in the unique combination of sunshine, rainfall, location, and volcanic soil - only available in Kona, to create our award-winning coffees. [More about the Kona Coffee Council….]

County of Maui »
Maui Coffee Association »

Description coming soon. [More about the Maui Coffee Association ….]

County of Kauai »
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State Government »
Hawaii State Legislature »

Hawaii State Legislature – House of Representatives »

Hawaii State Legislature – Senate »

State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture »

County Government »
County of Hawaii (Big Island) »

County of Maui »

County of Kauai »

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